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Common Irrigation Valve Brands
Are your lawn sprinkler valves or drip irrigation valves in need of repair?

PRSK Phoenix Sprinkler Repair can help!

One common problem we see is that irrigation valves will start leaking, which fills up your irrigation valve box with water.

Sometimes your lawn sprinkler valves will get a corroded solenoid, which will prevent your valves from turning on or turning off.

Another common problem we see is that your diaphragm is just worn out, which will also prevent your lawn sprinkler valves or drip irrigation valves from turning on or shutting off.

No matter what the issue it, we can help repair your valves and get them working properly for you.

We offer:

Sprinkler Valve Repair | Sprinkler Valve Rebuilds | Sprinkler Valve Replacement | Sprinkler Valve New Installation | Valve Diaphragm Replacement | Valve Solenoid Replacement

The most common brands we repair are:

Hunter Lawn Sprinkler Valves | Irritrol Lawn Sprinkler Valves | RainBird Lawn Sprinkler Valves | Orbit Lawn Sprinkler Valves | WeatherMatic Lawn Sprinkler Valves | Toro Lawn Sprinkler Valves

We can repair or replace any brand irrigation valve you have. We always guarantee your satisfaction and always warranty our work!

Hunter Irrigation
Valve Repair
Irritrol Irrigation
Valve Repair
Orbit Irrigation
Valve Repair
Rain Bird Irrigation
Valve Repair
Toro Irrigation
Valve Repair
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