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Lawn Sprinkler Head Brands
Do you have a broken lawn sprinkler head or need several sprinkler heads repaired? 

PRSK Phoenix Sprinkler Repair can help!

One common reason lawn sprinkler heads end up broken is from accidentally stepping on them, or striking them while digging in your yard. You will not know your sprinkler head is broken until the timer turns your irrigation system on.

Sometimes a sprinkler head can become clogged, especially if pvp pipe repairs were done and the irrigation pipe was not properly flushed clean.

Another common lawn sprinkler head repair we perform is in regard to the sprinkler heads not popping up at all, or not going down after the irrigation system turns off. This is often caused by worn out springs in the lawn sprinkler head, or possible water pressure problems.

We offer:

Sprinkler Head Repair | Sprinkler Head Rebuilds | Sprinkler Head Replacement | Sprinkler Head New Installation | Sprinkler Head Cleaning | Sprinkler Head Upgrades

The most common brands we repair are:

Hunter Lawn Sprinkler Head | Irritrol Lawn Sprinkler Head | RainBird Lawn Sprinkler Head | Orbit Lawn Sprinkler Head | WeatherMatic Lawn Sprinkler Head | Toro Lawn Sprinkler Head

We can repair or replace any brand sprinkler head you have. We always guarantee your satisfaction and always warranty our work!

Hunter Sprinkler
Head Repair
Irritrol Sprinkler
Head Repair
Orbit Sprinkler
Head Repair
Rain Bird Sprinkler
Head Repair
Toro Sprinkler
Head Repair
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